Allow us to introduce ourselves...
We are Dr. Greenthumb's Dispensary.

As advocates and brand-builders, we felt it was imperative that we have a landing place for what we produce–our flowers, concentrates, and other related products. We only carry B-Real approved products, along with our own line of Insane Cannabis products.

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Dr. Greenthumb’s has always been about the fun, about bringing something unique to the audience, a way to share an experience through a character. From the early days as a sketch for a radio show, then to the song and music video we all love, and then later to the smoke session parties and festival events, Dr. Greenthumb’s has remained a way for B Real to share the things he loves with the folks who have always stood by him.

Influenced by the energy and feedback from the B Real community has driven him with the consumer as his focus.

Today, Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries culminate over two decades of cannabis appreciation and activism by providing and sharing two things B Real cares about greatly. He wants to give folks a chance to share an experience and a view into his world, and he wants to share some fine cannabis amongst friends. 

We knew our shit was slightly different than hip-hop, the weed shit was taboo at the time and there was a possibility what we did wouldn’t fit in or make sense, but we didn’t give a fuck.”

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Welcome to dr. Greenthumb's,
The doctor will see you now.

"The Doctor will see you now."